Nate Adams: Qualified for FISD's challenges


US Air Force Veteran of the Iraq War

"Integrity, service before self, and excellence in all you do. These are the core values instilled in me by the US Air Force.  From serving in the Iraq War to my corporate leadership roles, I have carried these values with me throughout my career.  These values will serve as a guidepost when I'm faced with challenging decisions as a FISD Trustee."

Native Texan & Special Needs Parent

Nate Adams was born in Temple, TX.  He grew up in Garland, TX where he attended a gifted & talented academy and took International Baccalaureate coursework in high school.  Nate Adams attended Austin Community College before entering the Air Force.  After returning from the Air Force, having earned two degrees while serving, he went on to earn an Executive MBA from Baylor University while working full-time.  Nate is now a parent of a special needs child at FISD's Boals Elementary.  This breadth of experience in Texas education makes me the best suited to curate programs and curriculum for the district.

Corporate Strategic Management

FISD Board of Trustees oversees a $700M budget and over 7,000 employees.  To effectively serve the community the board needs a broad range business finance and organizational management skills.  Nate Adams has worked in the military, small business, and for a multi-billion dollar multinational corporation.  The later of which he was a 3 year member of a Strategic Financial Planning committee for a $700M subsidiary.  Nate Adams' experience will fill a much needed skills gap on the board this election cycle.

National Security Consultant

Nate Adams graduated #1 in his class at the DoD's Defense Information School's security technologies program.  This followed shortly after by an Associate's in Applied Science in Electronic Systems.  Nate Adams has multiple industry certifications and is a member of the international security organization, ASIS.  Today his consulting business services the most strictly regulated facilities in the world, nuclear power plants.

my family

Amber & Wesley

"I am supported by my wife Amber, whom I met while serving in South Korea.  Luckily she agreed to join me in life 14 years ago.  I am so proud she recently passed the dreaded immigration test in which she had to learn 100 US History and Civics facts; a test only about 30% of Americans can pass!  We are blessed with Wesley, a perpetual winner of the "zest" award at Boals Elementary.  His Autism diagnosis in Kindergarten shook our world and changed the trajectory of our lives.  I do not know where we would be without the resources, dedication, and support FISD has shared with us.  My life's work is to make a world where Wesley can thrive, and I promise to do that for your children after this election."

My Time in India

Because nearly 30% of Frisco ISD is made up of Asian students, including a majority of those being of Indian heritage, I wanted to share my personal experiences in India to give you a better sense of how I am prepared to know the needs of all of our students.

In 2012 my Executive MBA program offered us a chance to study in one developed economy and one emerging market.  Our 40 student cohort overwhelmingly wanted to go to typical destinations like Hong Kong and Vietnam.  Having already lived in East Asia (South Korea) I wanted to use this opportunity to expose myself to something completely new.  A small group of us began petitioning our fellow students to select India as our "emerging market" destination.  Despite significant opposition we were ultimately successful and made plans to go to Chennai, India!

We spent a week in Chennai meeting with various companies and organizations to learn about their economic conditions, culture, and opportunities as a emerging market.  We met with executives and toured facilities at Tata Consultancy, Dell, and Ford Motor Company.  We met with the Chennai Chamber of Commerce where we learned about the challenges facing the city and country; including: infrastructure, electric grid instability, security, education, and unemployment.   We learned about opportunities in telecommunications, manufacturing, and IT consulting.  

The most important lessons for me personally came from time spent with the local people.  I witnessed extreme poverty the likes of which our children in Frisco may never witness first hand.  I witnessed the importance and dedication to their faith.  I witnessed a country full of intelligent ambitious men and women who only asked for opportunity to better their family's lives.  Often only 1 individual was responsible for the care of an entire household of 5-7; this individual often being a young adult.  

I left a changed man with a better understanding of human nature, more empathetic to impoverished communities, and more able to understand what building blocks are necessary to move an emerging market to a thriving economy.

I look forward to being an effective champion for all cultures in our community, large or small, and the one culture we all share - Frisco!