FISD Priorities


For Teachers

Provide state leading pay, performance incentives, paid continuing education & reduce administrative tasks for FISD teachers.  Most importantly, listen to their feedback!  They know what is and is not working in their classrooms.


For Security

Laser focus security funding on preventing and responding to active shooter threats.   FISD proposes spending millions on purchases which will not improve safety, we can do better. 


For Special Education

Change our current resource allocation calculation to be based on need of the student, not just the quantity.  Provide training to all FISD teachers and students to enable a more effective, yet still inclusive environment for all.

Hear Direct from Nate Adams

A 40 second intro of Nate Adams' background and the issues facing FISD. Produced by CollinCountyVotes.

A brief explanation of how Nate Adams can ensure Frisco ISD has the best security for years to come.


We all want what is best for our children and community.  But FISD does not need a blank check from you to increase student outcomes.    Any CEO, business owner, military commander, or even broke college student knows this is not true.  Results come from setting smart goals, developing sound strategies, and executing effectively.  This election will have a big impact on those SMART goals.

My tactics to improve FISD performance without raising taxes:

All expenditures should be directly linked to a pre-determined FISD priorities.

Refocus funding to the classroom, not pet projects.

Extend the life of the 2018 Bond by ensuring all projects are specified cost-effectively and are competitively procured.

Seek creative cost-cutting measures and new revenue streams.

By proving we can reign in spending and increase performance we will quickly rebuild trust between the district and its residents.  This will make any future elections for tax increases or bonds less contentious.  Because I know we can achieve this I have no hesitation in supporting Governor Greg Abbott's proposal to prevent cities, counties and school districts from collecting more than 2.5 percent more in property tax revenue than they did in the previous year without voter approval.

  70% of your Property Taxes go to FISD!

70% of your Property Taxes go to FISD!